Commercial Cleaning

What you Need to Know About Commercial Floor Cleaning Keeping the floors of your commercial building clean is vital to retain the respect of your clients and the moral of your staff. Though you may not realize floors are a main factor in how people perceive a room. Commercial floor cleaning is a must in […]

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Make a Good First Impression

Have you ever walked into a business that’s dirty, dusty, and has an overall grimy feeling? It can be difficult to relax and feel comfortable in that kind of environment. It will leave you thinking only about the opportunity to wash your hands. A clean office of business can have a bigger impact on your […]

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Attracting the 85%

Dirty Facilities Discourage Customers A Harris Poll reports that negative online reviews about businesses’ cleanliness would turn away up to 85% of new customers. Dave Mesko, Cintas Corporation’s Senior Director of Marketing is reported as saying “With the increased use of consumer review sites, consumers form a perception of a business long before they set […]

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Cleaning Smart in the Silicon Beach

There’s a difference between cleaning hard and cleaning smart: Both can be effective, but only one can give you a consistent level of clean while saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress. As a cleaning professional, you are continually looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your department and reduce costs. With the increase in labor […]

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Office Cleaning

Requires more attention than you think No matter how simple and straightforward it seems on the outside, commercial cleaning is very much a complex and increasingly calculated endeavor. It takes more than a broom and duster to effectively sanitize a room. To clean efficiently, one requires the in-depth knowledge of both cleaning tools and techniques. […]

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